What teams do you guys use for to push high realm lvls?

I am curious what everyone is using for the high lvl realms I am kinda new and wanna know what to invest my resources in to make a good team

there are a few cheap to get teams where you just have to mash enter to win forever - one was something like 6 x mouth of hell with raven aco’s 65% health ability, calamity, first turn always from that all benefits shrine paragon ability, some ressurect abilities and then you just kill yourself by defending and it’ll wipe out everything before they get a move.

people like to be creative and invest lots into nether demons but none of that is needed to go to realm 1000 at least and by then you’ll be bored of mashing enter anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Mouth of Hell / Calamity works up to a point. Eventually, you’ll get out-scaled though. Enemies will simply have too much health to kill, even with 6x Mouth going off. Bone Reaper will also slow your roll in a heartbeat. Remember, enemies scale infinitely.

Another popular build uses Paranormal Slimes. When they attack, they get the stats (not abilities) of the creature they attack. With those, you are ALWAYS on-par with the enemy. Throw in artifacts / demon abilities, and you always have the upper hand.

Witch Doctor Sacrificer + Cloak and Dagger will get you far as well.

6x Doom Devil + Cloak and Dagger = lots of fun

Raven Ritualist + Final Oblation / Carver Shadowstalker = you win if you survive 3 turns

The thing is, in any setup, you will ALWAYS have a counter. It’ll be a spell, or an ability, or a combination of abilities that wrecks your team. Invisibility seems great, until you meet something like Troll Arsonist that doesn’t care if you’re invisible or not. Or Bone Reaper that will shut down creature abilities.

For early game, here’s a few “good” creatures at low tiers off the top of my head:
Brim Smith - excellent attacker. Gains 200% more ATK from it’s artifact.
Stronghold - excellent tank. 100% provoker, doesn’t lose defense when provoking.
Berserker Fiend - excellent attacker. Always has Berserk, and gains 10% health after attacking.
Unicorn Vivifier - 50% chance to revive any of your dead creatures when it attacks. Add support effects like stun, frozen, poison, burn to it’s artifact to give it extra utility.
Fallen Carnage - Attacker. Great for continuous mop-up of low health mobs
Nightwing Gargoyle - Get one. Asap. He’s from Byrnine via Exalted Emblems. Fixes all your resource woes.
Servant Hunter - Solid attacker, inflicts bleed, bounces hit.
Cinder Devil - Gives creatures around it Splash (place in the center to give all your creatures Splash).

There’s some good early starts. A Stronghold + some Speed and Defense on an artifact will do you well into the Realm lv 20’s. If you get lucky, you can get one of the dodge abilities on it as well.

A good early setup:
Brim Smith
Cinder Devil
Brim Smith
Unicorn Vivifier
Nightwing Gargoyle

That will probably last you until the 30’s-40’s without going Nether or relying on rare artifact abilities. It’s a straight-up stats team and does well against nearly every matchup in the early game.

Here’s another solid setup that relies on spells

Main Spell: Mass Bloodlust

Skeleton Marksman / Back for More
Cinder Devil / Resin
Bone Reaper / Topaz Paragon
Skeleton Marksman / Back for More
Disciple Occultist (must be nether and have speed enhancement) / Back for More
Skeleton Marksman / Topaz Paragon

You’ll get the first turn, unless fighting a Topaz Paragon. Even then, your Disciple Occultist will still probably go first, because of it’s massive speed stat.
If your entire team goes first, immediately cast Mass Bloodlust. This will drop enemy defenses by 95%, and increase your team’s attack by 500%.
Now simply attack. Your Marksman will chain turns and splash to all enemies. You’ll probably one-hit KO the entire group until you hit floor 200 or so.
Calamity is nearly useless with this build, as it will hit for 1/10th of what your attackers can hit for.

Resin is there to deal with any stragglers that may be using something like Invisible.

If your Discipline Occultist is the only one going first, cast Snowstorm. Then repeat per above.

This setup requires LOTS of spell book slots, dedicated to mostly Snowstorm and Mass Bloodlust. The more, the better.
Once you hit about 10 slots of each, you have virtually unlimited spells. One single Quill will restore a charge to each slot, and you won’t be using all that many with Cultist casting.

And obviously, this isn’t an Arena team. It also works better if the entire team is all Nether (demon not necessary) as to keep the level ranges of enemies tighter.