What to Fuse: Carnage Tormentor

“All rise in reverence of the CARNAGE KING!”

Or so it would be said, if not for a single missing thing. I don’t like the color of my pale prince. I also feel like another trait would be useful for him. I need the following things so that I feel comfortable fusing him:

-Death Class

-High Health and High Attack

-Trait based around death or attacking

-Purple, black, or black and red color pallet

Can anyone give me a suggestion for what to fuse him with? Give me a good one and this little bloodstained monarch might be the most powerful mothertrucker in my current save!

Here is the Export Data for my Carnage King:

Level 390 Carnage Tormenter

Carnage / Death

Health: 6264

Attack: 2943

Intelligence: 788

Defense: 1295

Speed: 2472

Innate Trait: Deadly Instincts

After this creature kills an enemy, it deals damage to all other enemies equal to 75% of this creature’s Current Health.

Artifact: Nether Shield of Carnage

59% Defense

59% Attack

59% Speed

59% Attack

84% Attack Damage

20% Scorned On Damage

Master of Carnages


Twinkling Bauble (Rarity: 22)

14% Attack / Defense

Trait Slot: Master of Carnages: After one of your Carnage s kill an enemy, your other Carnage s Attack a random enemy for 100% more damage. This trait does not stack.

Spell Gems:

Demonic Strike