What we lost since S1 [discussion]

Disclaimer: first of all, don’t get me wrong, please. Second edition of Siralim ruleset was a huge leap forward, actually transitioning series from some kind of roguelike tactics to “proper” party-based RPG. For me, it was something like DnD 2.0 -> 3.5 with all those new systems for player to care about.

But. Actually, in some areas S2 regressed - let me give some more specific breakdown here:
1// Lore. While original game wasn’t exactly rich in terms of storyline, it provided lots of flavor text about creatures and their abilities. F.e., one of my personal favorites, Resin, was a tossing jar of flammable liquid, not just “strike random enemy for % of Attack”. While mechanically it’s same thing, providing some concise description was actually helping a lot to imagine how those static sprites move and act.

2// Pierce mechanics. Though technically Splash is more potent and, honestly, usable for average normal battle, there are still 3 pairs vs 2 triplets in full team. After all, it’s extremely easy to lose in damage output by accidentally killing potential Splash targets (especially central ones), compared to row piercing from S1.
More diversity never hurts as well.

3// Surrounding party members. Rather clunky and hard to manage properly, those mechanic provided some actual strategic layer for team positioning, compared to current predominance of whole team affecting traits. That being said, so far it’s only Splash and Splash-like effects on spells\traits was ever supposed to be taken into account when arranging your party in S2.
Streamlined, yet somewhat less interesting for detailed buildcrafting.

4// Poison and Burn stacking rules. Given that whole buff\debuff systems received probably most devastating overhaul in sequel, those changes was expected, yet not really needed in my opinion. So far, there is just not enough difference between poisoning and burning except for stats their damage is based on. Not sure if it really looks well for current debuff list, considering dominance of DoT and turn-skipping effects here without much diversity here already.
Anything else I missed here ? Your opinon ?