What would be a nice "anti magic" team ?


I’m Chaos level 29 mage, and i find the magic system maybe too powerful, so i’m thinking to try and run a anti-magic party.

I’m thinking about :

  • Can’t remember its name, the blue circle with Silence all ennemies after they use a spell
  • Minotaur something, the one who does 50% of the damage taken, to all enemies
  • Arachnalisk Splitting : poison all enemies if attacked.
  • Golem with the Death core, after it dies it becomes something else
  • One of the Doom Fortress not sure which one
  • ?? A buffer ?

Any ideas ? Comments ? Something ?

Traits like this doesnt work on spells, only on attacks.

For anti magic teams you want to look at the Vortex and Tremor races. Vortex are almost exclusively anti-caster, with the first trait you mentioned that silences all enemies. There are traits that make enemy spells cost 50% more, a Vortex that gives a 20% chance to counter and seal a spell any enemy casts (sealing = unusable for the rest of the fight) as well as a Vortex that seals 35% of enemy spell gems before battle begins.

As for the Tremors, there is only one I can think of who’s trait gives a 30% chance to counter a spell and end their turn.

Banshee’s are a type of caster/anti-caster having a bunch of mechanics based around mana.

Hm, i’m not really looking at an “anti casters” team, but an “anti-magic” one. I mean, some kind of brutal force, muscles… Might over Magic… Like the Stronghold’s barbarians in Heroes of Might and Magic games. Some magics, but mostly muscles punchers and bones crunchers.

I’m trying a team with this :

Life - Planetary Amaranth, the team has +25% defense. Passive buffer, and support caster.
Nature - Troll King, at its turn, enemies take damage 10% of their current Max Health. Passive damage dealer and big guy.
Chaos - Wicked Carver, deals 30 to 300% of normal damage. A killer, he can deal a great amount of damage and often kills in 1 turn.
Nature - Brownie Mauler, deal 50% of its damage to adjancente targets. Nice line crusher.
Chaos - Chaos Guard, my team takes 50% less damage. Passive buffer, and big guy.
Nature - Spitting Arachnalisk, poison enemies after getting hit. I like Poison, and it affects all enemies.

Mostly i change a creature every 3-4 realms to try something else. I don’t know nothing about the “metagame” yet, so i just try and retry…

Also my mage is Chaos but i don’t like it much, i took it randomly, and i don’t want to reroll now. Level 31, about 14 hours ingame, realm 19 (didn’t kill the shade boss yet).

Later it’s possible to change your class with Yseros, Goddess of Illusion

Realm: The Barrens
God Creature Family: Apis
Spell / Rune Class: Life
Tier 5 Bonus: Class-changing Robes
Favor Food: Extra Sweet Corn = Vegetables + Honey + Steam

from the wiki.