Whatever is with defense and min/max stats its not balanced for arena at all

You can as well do 0 damage to abominations, even after morph: death with your 2 waspids/crimson manticore, accurced pit worm (he still did some damage with carpace), ok like 10 rounds it died (no offensive spells too). If enemy gets something like sudden death and you dont - thats it. you are forever 0 damage. I think thats totally not right for arena at least. OR for lower levels alltogether. The curve of damage reduction should only allow 0 damage in absolutely exceptional circumstances. i understand that problem only really visible at the arena. But currently if i dont get : centaur raider, nix shadowjumper thrasher/mauler fiends and hitters like that i just reroll. Thats absurd but ill spend much more time looking at group spell gems etc and see if ill get lucky. most of your mediocre fighters (tremors for instance) will only be able to even do damage to very frail creatures of weak class, to provoke/serve as meatshield. Or to get lucky with spellgems. Idk. So far perfect - heavy hitters/some mutated bats/some pit worms. Pretty much.

6 picks instead of 3 will ease life tremendously :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: but problem is not just in picks. it how defense and damage reduction traits works at all.
Unguided amarath that you cant 1 shot - team of 3 hunters + nix shadowjumper + 2 support do 0 damage
damaging spell gems do 0 damage.
Thats just absurd. Does core defense mechanic even takes into account that defense can be increased by up to 500%, also there are flat things that reduce damage (at least in words).
At higher levels it all seems to work rather smooth. But arena is a disaster. Basically its 6 coinflips:
1st) pick your team
then 5 fights if you encounter any mechanic that will lead to your whole team being unable to damage a single mob.

Yep, 50% of time you pick your team and dont encounter anything like that. Sometimes you get lucky and even finish all fights in 1-2 rounds. Thats cool. But that totally not a reason to ignore that huge 0 damage thingie. I understand that its impossible to balance all traits and thats just not needed in a single player game. But i guess if we are looking into some async pvp it will be a huge issue.

IDk there may be a simple solution: different ruleset for arena.
Another harsh solution is make that no damage reduction can negate more then 80-90% of damage from attacks and spells. Maybe try it and see how it goes?