What's the difference between Siralim 3 and Siralim Ultimate?

Just like the title says. Saw Ultimate on Kickstarter and was wondering what the major differences between the two games were going to be.
Thanks in advice.

As the announcement post said, Siralim Ultimate is basically Siralim 4. Like all of the games before it, Ultimate improves on the previous game. For starters, there are now 21 gods (which will become 30 with the kickstarter backer gods) and 15 player classes (which will also become 30). There are a lot more creatures too, with the total being around 960 in the alpha, and the full release will have 1k+. The two largest changes if you ask me, would have to be Creature Fusion and the way inventory spam has been reduced. You can now fuse two creatures together, with the resulting fusion having the first creature’s sprite and Race, the second creature’s class and personality (like pokemon natures), the average of both creatures’ stats, and both creatures’ traits. This means creatures can have 3 traits now, including those from artifacts (you can even get more, but that’s a super rare endgame thing). Also, you can’t find spell gems or artifacts in loot anymore, as those are purely craftable. There are of course many other new features too, such as castle customization.