When does a nether egg/creature become demonized?

Is it when the egg itself is created or when the egg is hatched? Also what I the chance

It’s when it is created. You need to use a demon dust to have a chance. Even then, it’s a chance… from all the ones I’ve done, I’d have to estimate around 20% chance to turn it into a nether demon.

And it says it when it happens?

Yes, there’s different dialog from the egg guy (I always forget his name).

Mind telling me the dialog? So I know when I’ve made one lol

It starts out with “Oh no! This is terrible!” or similar. It’s pretty funny. Anyway, you’ll know when you get one. There are lots of obvious cues.

Are there dungeons where demondust drops more frequent, I just don’t find any more. Got one once but dont remember where it droped and since then nada…

You’ll find them more frequently as you approach a higher realm level, but it’s a very rare item in general.

What does Demonized do to them anyways? are they somehow stronger or?

Neather Demons come with inherently higher stats all around, a random extra ability (10 Emblems get you a thing to re-shuffle this ability… once per purchase), a name and a special paint job.

Awesome, something to work towards then. :slight_smile: