Where abouts did anyone find these?

I am curious at what realm levels you found an Imbued Nether Orb? Great job to ZACK making these for sure hard to get! The way it should be :slight_smile:

I also FINALLY found demon dust on realm lv30 and funny enough I made a Mouth of Hell nether who actually became a demon without any dust and is my very first demon =D.

I am saving my demon dust for an imbued orb, just curious do I have a chance to find one in realm lv30-35? Fun times for the hunt!

Level 2 as a duty reward before I got the tutorial orb. In my opinion putting perks in loot increasing royalty perks is more important than realm depths to get good loot, though both together are even better :wink:

lol yeah my loot is at 17/25 and all the loot stuff is maxed. and honestly lv30 has been giving amazing rewards from chests and quest rewards! but wow lv2 Ha thats really cool. I shall keep hunting :slight_smile:

Good point Kejal. I invest in power balance bonus and max perks, too.

I found an imbued pink demon orb and demon dust and haven’t made it past realm 5 yet. Don’t really have many skill points into the loot perks or anything. Guess you mostly have to be lucky.

Wow very cool! What was the orbs gem max / activations?

Found an imbued orange orb with 35 max gems and 10 activations. I think I won this after completing a realm 3 duty.

BTW, what does it mean when an orb is imbued?

It can roll with higher max gem and activation numbers than normal nether orbs, which have a maximum of 30 gems and 10 activations afaik.

Actually got my very first imbued orb right now from a minor sigil fight at realm 30 ^^
A ruby with 38 gem slots and 13 activations.

oh my god thats gonna make a beast! Demon dust that bugger lol

Got two demon dusts, so going to use one on this, yeah. Still not a very high chance for it to become a nether demon right?

I believe it is less than 50% but not too low either. I have 13 nethers, 5 demons and 8 normal nethers (dust was used for all of them). However without data in the hundreds or thousands of created nethers it is hard to tell what the exact percentage is.

Since Zack is revamping the process in the near future it might become a lot more reliable to create demons.

Hmm, in the near future. Would that make it a good idea to wait before I use my precious imbued + dust? I dont really know how often content patches show up with these kind of changes, but if it was in a week I would probably want to wait, but if it was in a month Id just go ahead and make it earlier ^^.

I only know that Zack hinted at revamping the nether process. Other changes he hinted at usually got added pretty soon after like new loot system, Mouth of Hell change, gem upgrades via essence and so on.

I made it to realm level ~50 with max loot rewards, treasures, power balance etc. and have found only one mediocre orb, what the hell :frowning:

That’s just how luck is when dealing with rng.
I’d say the best way to try and get them is to go to realms around 30 and just stay around them so that you’ve got a good chance but it’s easier than 50.