Where are the Itherian creatures

Is anyone encountering wild Itherian creatures to capture? I’ve done 50 sigils since it was patched to make itherian creatures much harder to encounter. I’m getting no feedback in finding them anymore so i’m getting very less interested in finding them. i actually feel i have no hope in finding even 1 of them anymore.
If i can’t find 1 itherian creature to capture from doing 50 sigils, am i missing something? is there some hidden requisite to finding them that i don’t know about, do i have to do really strong sigils or something? Where are they

What is your highest normal realm depth? They seemed to get more common for me as I increased that. At max realm depth in the low 300s now and I frequently get 1-3 a fight; lots per itherian realm.

Really!? it IS me then, Thank you! i’m glad to hear that someone is getting them rather easily.
my depth is 73, my highest lv creature is 1099 and enemies at depth 73 are lv 821, i thought it may of been because i out level enemies that i wasn’t seeing them, but you mention it’s from realm depth.
I’m happy now.

For a few days i was doing lower level realms repeatedly hoping to find them, and recently for a few days i’ve been only increasing my realm depth, after a while i didn’t think anything was working.

I don’t see anything in the library that says further realm depth = more chance at finding itherian creatures, but it’s good to know now :slight_smile:

I only found a single itherian creature.

My current realm depths
Itherian 25

I really hope that I can find them more in the higher realm depths. My team is really strong, they kill everything guaranteed, but it is very slow, turbo is not fast enough.

Before the Update I met up to 10 Itherians (And breed two of them because I´m a idiot) and after the update I do not meet one of them.