Where dat Riddle Dwarf?

Maybe I just have bad luck, but it seems like the Riddle Dwarf doesn’t appear nearly often enough to make completing his prophecy worth worrying about most of the time.

In Siralim 3, he appeared in every realm. I feel that his current rate of appearance is fine for lower level realms, but if you’re doing your Highest Realm Depth it would be nice if you had a guaranteed Riddle Dwarf… although I guess you could just go into the highest realm and find the dwarf without completing and sorta abuse that anyways… I guess maybe just have the Riddle Dwarf appear somewhere in the realm after completing the quest if that kind of exploit is really a concern?

Anyways, maybe I just have bad luck, is no one else having this problem?


No, I’ve had times where I go probably 5-10 realms without seeing him, lol. It can get pretty annoying, especially when once I do find him he just gives more Siralopoly tickets, haha.

But I’m always happy when I get the quest to answer riddles, because I can get a few tickets at once.