Where is Bynine?

I’ve bought the game and gotten the 2.0 update (wooo!). I’m level 22 so far. Seen references to Bynine’s shop, but can’t locate it. Can somebody hit me with the clue stick? :o

Maybe I just haven’t advanced enough?


He’s found randomly in the wild. The higher the realm level, the better your chance of finding him.

Ah! thanks!

I found the friendly fellow, met him back at the castle, and then … I don’t remember what happened actually, I switched to another program or something, but later he wasn’t there anymore. So I started my search anew, and am now on level 6 and no Bynine. Is there a level past which he won’t be found? I’m having some difficulty on this level so wonder what my approach should be. Many thanks, and great game!

You’ll find him any level past 3, but there’s only a chance he’ll spawn so it completely random.