Where is Frankenfluff?

I’ve done a whole bunch of realms, got a whole bunch of candy from gods, but haven’t seen Frankenfluff once.

Is there anything special I need to do to see him? I assume he’s just standing around in a level like a merchant?

I tried running quick levels where my mage level is 2x the realm level. I tried running levels at my max depth, where I’m slightly overleveled. I still don’t see him.

I already figured out he doesn’t spawn in offline mode, but I still haven’t seen him.

Will all the halloween stuff be available after the event ends?

I have found him 2 times, once on the 2nd floor and once on the 3rd floor.

ive found him prob over ten times and its always just random like finding the merchant

I finally found him. The trick seems to be using Heart of Darnkess and rapidly clearing low realm levels.

However, he does drop much better loot when you see him at your max realm level.

I also usually leave a realm level after doing the quest and trick or treating the god. I’ve been seeing him about 1 in 5 levels. I guess I just had bad rng.