where is Zack in the throne room?

The welcome message reads “To celebrate [the launch of Siralim on Steam], we’re holding a small event called Steamworks Week. Speak with Zack in the War Room…”

I can’t find Zack in the War Room - do I need to find him in a dungeon before he will appear? Or is it because my version appears to be a bit behind (2.0.9)…


He is below the upper right column.

Not for me…

You need to have at least 2.0.10 to find Zack, because that was the version released for Steam.

Thanks, I’m guessing that’s not quite out for iOS yet?

Yeah, just checked my own iOS copy, and it’s still 2.0.9; you can see it in the title screen in the lower left corner. Depending on whether Zack added the Steamworks event as a hotfix to the latest version or its own update, you should either be getting it in a few days or about a week.

iOS really needs to improve its update speed, this thing of waiting almost two weeks to let through an update is becoming a habit.

Yeah, unfortunately, the iOS update still isn’t out. That’s why Steamworks “Week” is actually lasting 2 weeks - I want to make sure iOS users have plenty of time to obtain the update and the creature :slight_smile:

If, for whatever reason, the update takes even longer, I’ll extend the event as needed.