Where to find rare Rodian Creature Masters?

I had managed to hunt down all the different masters by figuring out which realm types the respective creatures frequent, then visiting exactly those realms until I caught 'em all. Now I learn from the patch notes that Alementals, Constructs, and Dumplings have masters as well, which I have never encountered in hundreds of realms (presumably because of the previously-lower probability).
The questions are: where would I be most likely to find those three masters? :slight_smile: Or will they just (rarely) appear in any realm? Also, are there any more masters (for Avatars, Godspawn, Mimics)?

To (somewhat) answer my own question: I just encountered a Master of Alementals in Sanctum Umbra :slight_smile: Also, according to the Masters Achievements, Master of Mimics exists as well :slight_smile:

These can spawn in any realm, but they are very rare (you should only expect to see 1 in every 50 realms or so).

Hey Zack, just a little personal feedback on this topic. I just looked at the Master Achievements for my save file and out of the 644/1250 that I have, I have 0 Alementals, Constructs, Dumplings, or Mimics. Oddly, I also have never encountered the Master of Shades either in this time.

Can this be something realmshaping (when implemented) can improve. Increasing the chance of encountering a rare Rodian master, like the alemental, or mimic or dumpling master in the realms?

And as luck would have it, my very next realm I went to after posting my previous response, I encountered the Master of Dumplings.

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