Which Nether Creature do you most enjoy using?

We’ve discussed the ones we have already, but which one is your favorite, and why?

For me, not one that most people would really expect. I’d say my Electro Phoenix. Boosted with only speed, it stays low enough level to keep enemies easy, gets a first strike with lots of status ailments if I need them on 1 enemy, and then is hit almost 100% of the time, giving me a whole 2 more rounds free. Then I’ve got a 50% chance to rez it as soon as it dies, and 2 more times with a Vivifier… giving me a 7/8 chance to just repeat it all over again.

Right now, probably Alcazar; the novelty of a tank that reliably kills enemies (even Nethers) is something still special to me. Once I finish my next one, Enclave Amaranth, that’ll probably be my favorite, because I’m going to turn that thing into a one-hit killer. Topaz all the way!

I’m boring, so I’m going to have to say Brim Smith. Simply because he can be used for so many different builds. Need a heavy hitter? Give him an artifact with a suitable ability and you’re set.

I’d have mentioned Disciple Occultist, as it’s quite possibly my favorite creature due to its ability (Epiphany: When this creature casts a spell, there’s a 75% chance that the spell neither consumes a charge or mana). But thing is that the Disciple Occultis isn’t even a half-baked choice for a Nether creature and that magic builds tend to be rather… lackluster. But apparently the magic system is up for an overhaul in the future, so this may be subject to change.

A shame that the Disciple Occultist dosen’t have the Spellbinder’s sprite, though.