While we wait for The Negative:

I thought it’d be a good idea to share Siralim’esque games here while we wait for Zack (ALL HAIL!) to unleash the full power of awesome upon the planet. Helps promote titles in an otherwise obscure genre and it gives us something to do while we wait for The Negative.

Card City Nights 1 and 2: While its not out yet, and the beta is closed, I still do very much believe that CCN2 will be an absolute blast. For those not familiar with the prequel; CCN was a collectible card game with a 100% focus on singleplayer and does the unthinkable for a modern TCG/CCG by not having in-app purchases. You pay for the game and you get all of the content. CCN2 promises, and looks like it will be, a straight up improvement on CCN1. With an updated ruleset, multiplayer and a ton of content.

Demon: Imagine Siralim if it was less Dragon Warrior Monsters and more classical roguelike, because that is what Demon is. You collect demons, construct a team of 3 demons plus your player character, duke it out with other demons roguelike-style, share abilities and recruit minions through a variety of methods including; talking to your future pawns, stalking them and murdering their friends. The game is still very young, and should be considered a beta game, but its already chuck-full of features and depth. Its also free, by the way.


I’ve never heard of Card City Nights games. I’ll check them out. That’s really neat if you pay once and get all the content. What a strange concept, judging by the rest of the games out there nowadays.