Who was your first Nether creature?

The first time you played through the Castle Questline which creature did you use for your first Nether creature? Did you go with a Tank? a Damage Dealer? Your favorite utility creature? Did it work out well for you? Or did your make a mistake?

Personally, my first time through the quest line, I levelled up and enchanted a bunch of greens for Master Shapeshifter (the creature that I got from the initial Powerspell questline). I got all the way to the part of the quest line where you make the Nether egg, and then I realized that I didn’t have any extra Master Shapeshifter cores to use in creating the egg … and at the time I had no idea how to get more. So I started a new have and made a Nether Stronghold :slight_smile:

Your story is similar to mine but mine is incursion reaper. Got the gems then realise i don’t have the extra core so i ended up making a stronghold.

Brim Smith, and I still use that sucker on occasion.

Mouth of Hell, and I can’t comment on its usefulness, but given the usefulness of the normal version I’d say very very useful.

Spider Occultist was my first. Still generally one shots whatever it wants until very deep realms. Fully stacked her speed/luck. I named her Blood Queen and gave her the red dye. I still bring her along on occasion and she never disappoints. That being said, she’s very glass-cannon. Before the debuff changes 100% chance of death when given bleed, since it can’t be removed. Still, she’s in party any time I’m training new creatures and occasionally in main teams when I just need an assured kill at the start of battle. Definitely don’t regret her, regardless of her drawbacks.

On my current playthrough: Haven’t settled on one, yet. Although it’s probally going to be either a Stronghold or a Spider Occultist as the only orbs I’ve got are an Indigo one and one yellow. A shame, really, as I’m currently using a Raven Acolyte/Frostfire Efreet build so neither of those two creatures are that good in my current situation. Almost universally useful as they may be; especially the Stronghold.

On my first playthrough, which I restarted recently when I got back into the game because I wanted to be eased into the newness: A Fallen Carnage. Because its an amazing Nether creature. Nomming through teams everytime - all the time!

My first one was a Brim Smith with a spread out gems and activations, since I got a green nether orb before I got the red one from the quest. Not really proud of his stat-distribution, but he is still my best attacker by a mile, since I have no other damage dealing nethers so far. The second one, with the “quest” orb was a necropolis hp tank.

Now Im at the stage where I want to make like 30 different nethers to test out a lot of different builds, unfortunately that is not feasible with my current amount of essence (gems) or nether orbs lol. So I should probably focus on getting a good damage dealer as my next one.

Troll Arsonist using the default Red Orb, with gems spread at an even distribution. Gave him Itchy Finger. After the First Calamity hits every Resin hit is a kill, regardless of his level and stats.

And yes you read that right. I still haven’t made the move to 2.0.15. Too chicken I guess :frowning:

Have a couple of imbued ones but still haven’t decided on who to nether yet. Brim Smith, Fallen Carnage, and the Doom Fortresses all sound like great choices.