I’m nearly at 200hrs of gameplay.I can’t believe I paid 10$for this game and can’t put it down!
I’m still going in for 6-10hr game sessions.All I want to do is play Siralim 2 :’(
I got my 1st nether demon cpl days ago Servant hunter with 2nd ability Rally.
I gave him a artifact with A little piece of hell.Then it happened 1 st battle I went in everyone had splash!My killing spree and enjoyment went up several levels.I had finished the artifact ritual and
the egg at the same tiime.I see you can swap out abilities with demonic tome.
Can I get some good examples to go for?I’m looking for the top 5 abilities to have as a 2nd.
By the way I’m having 2 addiction problems now 1.Siralim 2.Rockstar energy drinks…Thank you for that :o

I’m in the process of designing my ‘ultinate’ team myself and I find there are many awesome abilities whose value us ultimately determined by how you’re going to set up your team and weather you want any of the player only benifit abilities like extra emblems. (To reroll your 2nd ability)

The topaz paragon ability (you and allies in this row start at top of action queue) is key to have but don’t make one if you haven’t. You don’t want enemies going first. Transmute for it or find it. It’s an amazing advantage.

My current ideal tank would be:
Mummy Lord (When provoking damage from attacks is reduced to 1 but chance to successfully provoke is 35%)
Stronghold (Creature always has taunt [100% provoke] and does not have a defense penalty when provoking)
Minotaur Behemoth (After provoking remove all debuffs and gain 15% current and maximum health for each one)

With the third ability protecting against debuffs, this is going to make him nearly invincible. Have another creature as an Ashwood Ent so it always has Grace and Mend and add a Nightmare Mummy to proven spells, and he’s only subject to indirect attacks.

Thanks for the idea!
I’m going to go for the topaz ability.3 Brim Smiths with 1st strike multistrike splash and
thrust.The only issue I had with lvl 25+realms was the fact they would take 1 or 2 of my force out
before my turn.The mummy lord tank sounds realy useful.I’ll see if I can get 1 of those.
I can clear to 30 with 1 atk.30-50ish it takes me 2-3 to clean them out.This idea will let me easily break that realm lvl 50 scare.I’m only on tier 3 monsters so I can build up royalty points safely on hardcore.
After I get mitigation 50/50 and piercing 50/50 I’m going to go full unlock on the tiers.

Unfortunately Mummy Lord’s ability currently overrides the Stronghold’s!

Too bad. Back to the drawing board then. Could you maybe use that Golem’s intercept ability or would that not do 1 damage at that point?