Why Can't You Save Inside A Realm?

Why can’t you save inside a realm? I play on the subway in 30-40 minute increments (GPD Win). It’d be nice if I could save in a realm. Especially since there’s a penalty for quitting a realm, it’d be nice if I could save inside a realm. (In Siralim 2, you could quit inside a realm for zero penalty.)

You can save in realms, you’ll just lose the items you acquired in that realm if you exit the game. That’s probably only a few minutes of playtime lost since realms don’t take very long to clear.

The reason for this decision is primarily to prevent players from save scumming. For example, you could save before opening a treasure chest and then restart the game until you get the items you want. It would also be very difficult from a technical perspective because it would cause problems when I patch the game.

I guess it’s too much effort to change this now.

There are other workarounds - determine chest contents when they spawn, not when opened; keep rng state in the savefile.

There are also portable black holes, which allow you to leave a realm immediately and keep everything you have from that realm. Though, I don’t think they’re massively common since I only have 5 and am a good 37 hours into the game. The other option is to just ignore everything and try to find the exit gate (assuming there’s not a realm quest).

If you’re playing on the switch then you could leave it in standby and come back to it later. Same with laptops really, you could just leave it on sleep mode with the game still open. Not sure if that would cause it to crash since some games don’t like being suspended like that but if it worked then there’d be no reason not to leave it on other than the minor battery loss from your laptop being on sleep mode.

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