Why is it that when I use more than one imling/imler they don't work?

I’m using a boulder imler and an putrid imling and when I added another imler their skills stopped working… and how do I fix this

That’s how it works. Only 1 imler/imling. You have to remove the extra imler.

So I can’t make a full team based on them?

You can only have one Imling and Imler, but they can have enchants and Nether abilities from others of their species and stack those just fine. So an IM team revolves around supporting your IMs in whatever role you’ve chosen for them.



Mithril Imler (gains Attack/Defense/Luck of Imling’s artifact) + Dissection (200% attack boost from artifact), Proficiency

Diamond Imling (If Imler partner dies, rez it at 100% health and grant both IMs Mend) + Release the Panic (if this creature is attacked and would be killed, it regains 20% health and its Imler partner intercepts the attack), Attack, Proficiency


Congratulations, your main DPS is unkillable and the reason why is immune to death by Attack. If you go for Nethers, go for basic Attack boosting effects on the Imler and some kind of annoying Rez ability on the Imling so that it can abuse its immortality.

Yeah, the Diamond/Rancid combo is very powerful for your Imling. Spells and splash will take it down, but little else. It’s just a shame that the best attack boosting Imler doesn’t work well in combo with it, since the Imling is the last one to die.

The effect would be ridiculously powerful if they worked well together, though.

True… both combos are already ridiculously powerful by themselves. Though, since artifacts don’t add much of a percentage to nethers, I’d probably use the Imler that gets the Attack from the Imling, not the artifact. It would also free up a slot for other combinations.

I thought that too, until I realized that Dissection benefits from the Mithril’s stolen artifact attack, essentially giving him double Dissection (while the straight Attack exchange Imler doesn’t get artifact benefits at all, just base Attack). That frees me up to focus the actual Imling’s stats in other directions (since the only benefit he can donate is Attack). Instead of having to make him into an unoptimized attacker, I can max out his speed to give me initiative and spellcasting priority (trying to reroll his Nether ability into a disabling effect so that I can shut down threats quickly), or build him as a brick wall and focus his Nether towards a rezzing or static rule ability, knowing he’d be around to apply it just short of forever.

This said, if you stacked both IMs as Emerald Nethers, the result would be unhealthy for enemies in general.

Mythril Imler + Rancid/Diamond Imling Combo sounds legit. Never even thought of combining those two!

My combo was made for turn trolling:

Nature Mage w/ maxed Raid (pre ver. 2.1.0)

Putrid Imiling, Goes to front of the queue after his Imler partner’s turn - Sword w/ Inscription of Taunting (proficient, attack, various statuses) Needs to have more speed than the Imler
Iron Imler, Goes to the front of the queue after his Imling partner is attacked and gains 25% ATT - Sword w/ Midnight Feast (Proficient, attack, luck)

The next 4 are to support the IM team both offensively and defensively.
Dark Brim Smith w/ Calamity in the same row as the IM team (attack on all slots)
Brownie Captain w/ Sacrimony in same column as the Imler
Witchdoctor Sacrificer w/ Curse of the Silent
Elder Ent w/ Emerald Attunement

Not an invincible team but very effective and fun to use, especially if the Imler can get a Midnight Chain going!