Wiki proposal

Earlier this year, @DuckTapeAl and I were looking into establishing a wiki for Siralim 3 and Siralim Ultimate. We were told that Thylacine would be hosting their own wiki, so we just decided to wait until we got more information. Now that SU is in alpha and some data spreadsheets have been crowdsourced, it seems like an appropriate time to bring the wiki question back up.

I wrote a script to automatically extract data (creatures, traits, breeding, materials, cards, lore, sprites) from the game files, and I was hoping to use this script to populate the wiki (and potentially a Discord bot). With Thylacine hosting the wiki, I would need special permissions to write a wiki bot that would perform this automatic population. Additionally, if SU uses the new YYC compiler, there is currently no way to decompile the game to obtain the files for my script to parse.

I’m offering my work on parsing Siralim’s data and my experience working with wiki bots to Thylacine. I’d really like to help establish a reliable info source for the community, and my automatic data collection can obviate the tedious manual work of copying and pasting countless lines of text. I would really like to come to some sort of agreement whereby I can help Thylacine with their new wiki, whether that means access to the database files, handing off my script to whoever is working on the wiki internally, working with a representative, or whatever else Thylacine decides is appropriate.

In case it’s not clear, this is purely a volunteer effort. Thanks for your consideration.

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Thank you for the offer! This would be a huge help.

Honestly, I haven’t had much time to think about how the wiki should be handled. And, unfortunately, I’m probably not going to get a chance to even look into it until some time during Early Access. At that point though, I’d be glad to reconnect and see if you’re still interested in contributing.