Wild Stab + Burst of Power + Cast when Hit

I equipped my Carver Sadist with a Burst of Power artifact. Some of my other creatures are equipped with cast when hit Gems.

The more I run this combo, the more it feel like a bug city

1: Random interruptions, some time wild stab will not attack the full amount. Enemy movement seems to stop it.

2: Imbalanced trigger: Some of the gem trigger way more frequently than other. I have 4 gems equipped, did a test of run of about 50 combats, one of my gems triggered less than 3 times.

3: Self Casting: I have very carefully equipped my Carver Sadist with gems that specific “your creature” and " enemies", I still cast those enemies spell on myself.

4: Attack your self + cast when hit: When this happens, it cast spell on yourself again, and yes, even if it’s “enemies” spells.

  1. Panic attack with the combo: One of the gem I equipped my Carver Sadist with is panic attack, and when my creatures attack and trigger cast on hit, more weird stuff seem to happen, you randomly stop and skip.

My Carver Sadist are equipped with the following gems:
Molten Wall - Cast when Hit
Volcano - Cast on hit
Panic Attack - Cast when hit
Flame Strike - Cast on hit

Did some more testing

Shock aura totally mess with it in a weird way.

1: huge reflect damage, this seem to go off every attack regardless of what my Carver cast

2: interrupt casting, every time shock aura goes off, nothing casts. In the 3 fights against it, only one time my carver was able to cast damaging spells

3: crazy after death, everything seem to be keep going after the creatures are dead. My carver would die to reflect on 2nd/3rd attack, but it will keep going, the same with Phase spellblade, even after death, still getting reflected

I noticed something similar for me too. I equipped my Unicorn Vivifier with the Wild Stabs trait on an artifact (no attack, but the rezzes still work!) and a bunch of “on hit” gems.

One of those gems is Guardian Force. You can see how this would be problematic; defending triggers 7 attacks, which triggers defending, which triggers 7 attacks, etc.

LUCKILY HOWEVER, the “on hit” portion of the guardian force gem is bugged! I’d like to think it’s because the game is smart enough to prevent an infinite situation, but I know that’s not the case. I know that because I have a Fury Swipes gem with an “on hit” chance that allows me to hilariously whittle down enemy teams (1 damage, 470,000 times? I’ve done it!). Again, luckily, the game will stop when all enemies are dead. This time, I do believe the “infinite loop prevention” is due to proper programming.

Good Job, Thylacine.