Will extracting be locked behind breeding at launch?

In S2 extracting cores is locked behind breeding by default. New Game Plus allows us to unlock extracting, BUT it takes it too far, allowing us to extract everything in the game from the start.

I would like to see a revamp / modernized version the S1 system put back into place with it’s “tiers” system. Have breeding be a part of it, but please for the love of God do not completely lock extracting behind breeding like you did at the launch for S2.

You can extract from about 250 creatures by default, unlock about 150 of them (I’m just guessing a number there) through things like god rewards, and then the rest can be obtained by either gathering knowledge about them or through breeding. In the latter case, you’re probably better off breeding the ones you really want though, since grinding the knowledge will take a while.

Sounds great thanks for the response. I cannot wait for S3!!!

EDIT: I might even go back and try S2 without the extraction unlock option. Turning off gene strength completely changed that game for me, might be worth revisiting with different options.

One of the reasons that I like reading these forums is to see the diversity of player opinions.

Personally, I really liked how S2 forced you to breed in order to unlock new creatures. I thought it was a great decision to unlock extraction for creatures only after you had acquired them through breeding (or other means). It never occurred to me that this might have been a bad thing.

In any case, it seems that in Siralim 3, Zack might have found a happy medium that is acceptable to both players like you and players like me.