Will there be a Borderless mode similar to Siralim 3?

As of right now, we only have windowed and no fullscreen option (forcing the game to fullscreen using alt-enter makes things go a little wonky), are there plans to implement a borderless display mode for Siralim Ultimate?

I’m not quite sure yet. The borderless windowed mode in Siralim 3 was filled with bugs and those have gotten even worse in Siralim Ultimate, which is why I removed it. This is down to an engine-side issue with GameMaker, so I’m at the mercy of them re-adding support for it.

Thanks for the response! They removed support for Borderless Windowed and Fullscreen in GameMaker Studio 2? I’m guessing it’s an issue with W10 and GMS and some weird interaction?

Hopefully it’s corrected by them in the future. Windowed is fine but Fullscreen is always better.

Would love a full screen mode when issues resolved.

Fullscreen using alt-enter works for me as long as you turn off GSYNC.