Window and text scaling is wonky in Linux version

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    The game works best in maximized non-fullscreen mode when all of the text and graphics are scaled correctly. When the game is fullscreen the quest text gets cut off on the right. When the game is scaled to weird ratios the game is nearly unplayable.

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    Arch linux

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The game seemed to be trying to catch up resizing the graphics by visibly shifting and scaling the graphics in a jittery fashion.
See 3

Some quest names can bleed off the edge, which is generally fine. I’m curious about your last screenshot though - you said it’s unplayable, is that just because you can’t see much or is there a performance issue or some other bug?

When the screen is jittering the map is being shifted into view, but not to a place where the main character can be seen. I think my character is below the visible map.
One more screenshot nearly maximized

Here is a screenshot of the map screen being shifted

Menu screen of map

The map can be seen moving downward if the screen is windowed and moved very slowly diagonally upward.

Edit. Scratch that. Resizing horizontally seems to trigger it

Behold, the extremely overstretched title screen.

The game seems to not consider the maximum vertical resolution of the screen when in the middle of scaling. My screen size is 1366x768

Changed the screenshots to remove username and hostname

according to xwininfo this screenshot is showing the game having a window size of
width: 948
height: 3346

When my max screen resolution is a height of 766 pixels

With the 2nd screenshot I reduced the horizontal resolution after stretching it for the first screenshot.

width: 882
height: 5268

I only tried to adjust the horizontal window size of the game and not the vertical resolution.
The game keeps stretching the vertical resolution higher and higher no matter if I lengthen or shrink the horizontal window size