Windows version pause mode

Hi Zack,

I have finally rooted my android device so I have been able to get my save file. I have tested it on Siralim Windows demo version and it seems to work great. Of course I have to buy the Windows version to be able to gain experience because my character is level 91.

I have a little concern with the Windows version though. The in game time seems to flow even when the game window is minimized. Is there a way to actually pause the game by any mean ? That’s not a big problem but I don’t like that game time flows when I don’t play and I can’t save and exit each time I want to make a pause.

With the Android version, when the game goes to background, time stops and I like it this way.

Sure, I’ll squeeze that into the patch that I am releasing today or tomorrow.

That’s great !

Hi Zack, I have tested the Windows demo of 1.0.15 and the game does not pause when I minimize the window. But I don’t know if you have implemented this pause yet.

It should pause as long as you click the minimize button at the top of the window. If you just click to some other window in your task bar or something, it won’t pause.

I’ve just tested. Time passes even when I minimize the window. I’m on Windows 7.

Hi Zack,

I know you certainly have other priorities but I wanted to report that the game still does not pause on Windows version when I minimize the window. I have tried with the latest 1.0.16 on Windows 7.

I’ve done pretty much everything I can to fix this for Windows 7. It appears to work fine for me on Windows 8 but if it’s not working on W7, I’ll file a bug report with the engine developers and see if they can figure something out.

OK, thanks to look on this one with all you already have to do.