#Winning, the RNG Way

A pack of chaotic beasts appear and attack!

Six Mouths of Hell spawn

Flee command disabled


;D Nice one.

Other cool RNGs are the life realm linking your creatures life with the enemy and your ADC wiping out your team.
Or “helpful” shrines giving taunt to your ADC or TimeBomb to your Witch Doctor Sacrificer :wink:

I thought RNG mode was using 6 carver sadists.

I use a Cinder Devil, right? So I ran into a pack of two Raven Ritualists, two Thunderheart Phoenixi, and two trash monsters earlier today. Accidentally killed a Ritualist and Phoenix right off the bat because they were center lane. Game over, man, game over!

Matter of fact, let’s just make this the official /gripe thread about frustrating ways to lose.

My coolest death to RNG was an enemy Djinn Dreamweaver while using a Witch Doctor Sacrificer as tank. I used a Transformation Mastery artifact for one of my other creatures at that time and got Lucid Dreams.

Well long story short: Sleeping creatures can not defend and my WDS could not protect the team.

No, that’s called Russian Roulette.

Had this exact thing happen like 8 days ago lmao. I didn’t even know what mouth of hell was yet and I learned real quick. Yeah I tried so hard to hit weak but nope bam suddenly massive damage and all guys dead lol. Brutal haha

Can you extract from those mouth of hell? I haven’t had that scenario, so I can’t try. I already have enough cores, just curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mouth of Hell counts as a ‘special’ creature, much like Bynine creatures, so you can’t extract from them at all. Moreover, since it was a forced battle and not a random encounter, you wouldn’t be able to extract anyways.

All that said, I will note I won anyways, because nether Necropolis is baws.

That’s what I thought.

And yes, I was just about to say, necropolis would wreck those fools. XD Doesn’t even need to throw a punch.

I already have like 8 mouth of hell cores lol. You get them from winning pandonieum coin battle with the king. You get 1 mouth of hell core each win :slight_smile:

Oh, I know. I have plenty of his cores. I actually haven’t summoned him or the other special creatures yet, because I don’t want to face them in realms yet. Figure I’ll do that when I’ve got all the other creatures summoned and can organize the teams I want for the real fighting. Lol

Summon all of Bynine’s creatures, then laugh when you fight Nexus Amaranth/Nightwing Gargoyle/Angel Soulslayers in the Realms and they do nothing for the other team.