Wishing Well or Scrying Pool

I just found this thread and thought I’d throw in my two cents…

In the spirit of NetHack/Crawl/Stone Soup or some of those classic rogue-likes, it would be neat to have a well or scrying pool as a rare spawn on some biomes. This well/pool could be a fun item from a programming perspective in the fact one could go wild with random elements here based upon the character’s luck.

Several types of events could be picked from a list and eased into play nicely, such as (but not limited to); creature encounters, items (cursed(?), specials, uniques, etc), party status effects, resource bonuses, horrific madness, a vision of a boss baddie to come, teleport creature(s) to the Stable, upset/please a Deity, refresh/recharge/deplete stats and/or items, trigger an external event or random spawn, generate a boss quest or normal one, transport party to next level (nasty one!), etc. Basically, this item would be a Cornucopia of Chaos

Depending on how vicious, diabolical or malevolent you will allow Siralim to be for players at times, I think the addition of something like this could be a lot of fun - for both programmer and player - and something you could expand on in the future at your leisure, as well.

This sounds extremely similar to what pandemonium tokens already do, but they can be used anytime in any realm.

Really? I will look into it! Although, I’m playing on hardcore and already had a wipe with a sigil. On level one, no less! :o After that magic moment, I’ve been afraid to tamper with strange things. ;D

Perhaps I will create another save with the normal settings on to test this stuff out… LoL :o 8)