Woe Trait on Gravebane Wight

  1. PC
  2. V1.3.23
  3. Woe seems to be underperforming by a large margin; as an example, sudden death will do 250-600 damage of my wight’s 1.2k health as damage (which represents the 25% current damage calculations from sudden death), but woe (which is supposed to be 40% maximum hp of the 1.2k) will do 60-300 on the same monsters. Unsure if this is a bug, but at the very least, the numbers don’t seem to add up.

Also ran this with trait that splits damage amongst all monsters but reduces it by 80% each; woe damage will do 0-25 due to that.

Also, as a potentially separate issue, enemies will still split damage amongst the dead, resulting in 80% less damage against 1 monster left. Not sure if intended; pretty sure it is, but just figured i’d bring it up.

The difference between Woe and Sudden Death is that Sudden Death would use the caster’s modifiers to determine the damage, while Woe would use that creature’s modifiers. Keep in mind class strengths/weaknesses as well.