Woe Trait Penetrates Boss Defenses

Woe - Deals 40% of creatures max health to all enemies on death. This goes through boss defenses that should make them invulnerable, such as the blight walker thing and the one where you’re supposed to kill the ghosts in a certain order.

Might be a complication with the spell I am using to kill the Woe creature, sudden death.


Edit: Quoted Wrong Boss

I’m fairly certain that’s intended. Deathwalker is only immune to attacks and spells. Effect damage, like Woe or Buffet, effectively belong in the same category as the Burn, Poison, Blight and Curse debuffs and penetrates most defensive traits and even ignores most (if not all) of the Defense stat.

Could be yeah. Its also possible that a few of the times I saw it trigger on a boss the animations were delayed and order of operations wasn’t clear.