Wolpertinger Feedback

Wolpertingers are fun, but they cast many useless spells, or spells that outright hurt you.
Every school except Sorcery has a spell that will cause negative effects. Death and Chaos are outright unusable because they can get you killed.
Sorcery has a few that cause essentially no effects.

Perhaps limit what spells the Wolpertingers can cast?
In brief, here are a few examples:

Time Walk
Haste/Rabid Dementia when attacking (will not result in an extra turn for the caster)
Counterspell (rarely does any meaningful damage)
Mass Dispel


Anger (when cast twice)
Flamestrike (unless enemies are burning)

Dark Ritual
Death Siphon (I haven’t seen this one, so unsure if they can cast it)
Graft Bone
Sudden Death (I haven’t seen this one, so unsure if they can cast it)

Iron Skin
Stone Skin

I’m sure there’s others. I get it’s supposed to be somewhat random, but when there are spells that actually hurt your team, it makes using certain classes of Wolper a no-go.
Maybe limit their spell selection to 10-12 spells for each school.
It might cut down on the odd slowdown that happens when Wolpers have things like Multistrike/Multicast.

2-4 damage spells
2-4 healing spells
2-4 buff spells
2-4 enemy debuff spells