Wrong secondary starter?


I just got this game from Steam and have had it on my phone for a while. I got my starter, Berserker Fiend, but my secondary starter (the second monster that you obtain) was a Dryad Raincaller. For Chaos mages, you get Flailing Manticore usually.

After a little testing on my phone, it is not just the computer version that gave you the Dryad Raincaller. It was the mobile version as well. It is also not just Chaos Mages that were affected, but also the Death Mage (I presume it is all of them that are affected as well).

I know that the Chaos Mage gets Flailing Manticore and the Life Mage gets Valkyrie Scout. After looking on YouTube, I found out that the Nature Mage is not the Dryad Raincaller and is the Vicious Wolpertinger instead. I also found out that the Sorcery Mage is Deranged Gorgon. I couldn’t find out what the Death Mage used as a secondary starter, though it might be a Gimp Mummy. I’m unsure.

Here’s the thing: is this a bug? I don’t know if this is a bug or not.


P.S. The starters are not changed, just the second monster you obtain.
P.P.S. I was not on New Game+