Yetis in Frostbite Caverns

So I’m not sure it’s intentional, but yeti encounters still appear in Frostbite Caverns, despite Yetis being Azural’s God Shop race now. I assume this is still just leftover from before the switch since all other God Shop race encounters have been removed from their realms.

Also on an unrelated note, the dialogue for the Inner Demons fight doesn’t seem to make sense anymore, as it says “…you order your creatures to attack themselves… kind of” when now the fight has nothing to do with your own creatures, instead just fighting unique-looking shadows with normal shadow traits.

Yetis still have a triggered encounter in Frostbite Caverns as of 0.9.11, so has it been decided that it’s fine? And if that’s so, can we get the other God Shop creature encounters back too?

Maybe this post just went under the radar, but I am curious if they’re actually going to stay.

This is intended.

Will we eventually get Hemomancer fights and the others back as well? Or were those too beneficial or something?