Your favourite Theme Teams

[quote=“Wulfe, post:18, topic:2380”]Well, this probably is my favorite theme/tribe team setup.(Be forewarned, ye readers, this path leads to madness!)

Sorcery Mage, with Spell Mastery and Wild Magic

Nether Diabolic Nemesis
-Spell Tap
-Pact of the Deep
Armors with scorn immune, and Death’s Bite, Scattershot or Fight or Flight
-All life gems, except for one infernal charge

Restof the team’s fully geared with useful life gems, and immune silence artifact armors.
Diabolic Rebel with Shackler’s Mastery
Diabolic Nemesis with Singularity
Diabolic Observer with Endurance Aura
Diabolic Commander with Solace
Diabolic Menace with Channeling

This setup is essentially broken though. My crew isaveeage level 1,500, and straight steam rolls over level 150,000 bosses with minimal defenses.[/quote]

I started number crunching today and used this team as a benchmark. If my math is correct and there are no bugs, with max spell slots and Zonte card your team should have 1712.34x HP

After your nether steals 25% HP (assuming that happens at the end of calculations) you end up with 3852.765x HP for your Nether and 1284.255x HP for your Horde.

REgarding the hounds team with Eye of thylacine- Can you summon critters after they merge?