Your In-Real-Life Creature Team

We’re all quick to show off our teams that have names we remember better than we remember the birth of our children/parents/SO’s–and so I’m wondering what teams of creatures ya’ll have outside of the game.

My creature team consists of 5 cats.
Chai, Rapture, Reaper, Dagger, and Darkness.

Who is on your team?
Bonus if you can apply game traits to your irl creatures. :stuck_out_tongue:
Bigger bonus if you got pictures!

This is Rapture:

and This is Chai

I’ve got three creatures on my team: Gracie, Chloe, and Tucker.

Gracie’s an 8 year old gray mini schnauzer with Hound Legion, except instead of giving Critical, Splash, and Protect, she gives Sleep, Mend (hearts), and Snuggles. She’s also my baby and I’m her favorite because she like, sleeps in my bed 24/7.

Chloe is a 4 year old yorkie-schnauzer mix, probably, and is literally the most mellow shy quiet thing until my grandpa comes home and then she like, screeches and yips and yaps and sometimes pees a little because she’s so excited, because he’s her favorite. Her trait is Lush Licks, except instead of giving debuffs she gives a sense of adorable.

Tucker is a mini terrier thing who’s like 90% leg and 100% running all the time and barking and sounds like he’s like 10x his size when he doesnt reach my shins. We keep him in the laundry room because otherwise he destroys the house, but he gets to run around outside a lot in the back yard. He loves his Kong ball??? Like, he takes it everywhere. He pees with it in his mouth. It’s kinda hilarious. His trait’s Wreck because he is one. I might post pictures later.