Zephyr - Far less potent

v. 0.5.9

Zephyr struggles to hit 7,000 heal. That’s with Perks to +Healing Given/Received, 4 Life Creatures, and other multipliers to spells. I checked, and seeded my other two creatures to Life - it upped the spell by only 1,500. So it has a base of somewhere like 3,000 heal. Wut?

Minor Healing (2 mana cost spell) heals for 35,000.

Meanwhile, Chain Lightning cast from the same creature hits for 500,000, no problem.

When modifying Zephyr with Health% cost, it’s also nearly double the cost of other spells with similar base mana costs.

Zephyr seems to be working as expected for me. I compared it to Holy Nova which heals for the same amount. Zephyr heals the same amount with no life creatures on my team, and it heals for the expected bonus when I do have life creatures. Maybe you’re casting Zephyr automatically? Automatically-cast spells are a lot weaker than if you had cast them manually.

Nope. Both spells were hard-cast.

If Zephyr is supposed to be on-par with Holy Nova, why obtain Zephyr? Holy Nova deals damage + heals all your creatures. Zephyr just heals all your creatures and comes with a higher mana cost, required god rep, as well as emblems to obtain.

Healing in general seems comparatively weak to offensive spells. My Lightning Storm (which is a massive-damage spell) hits for 200k+. Even Holy Nova is hitting all enemies for 125k.

I did have an idea though - my creature is using Pilgrimage trait. Is that trait working properly with Healing spells? I’m saving up some emblems now to remove it and test, but I suspect it’s not working with healing spells.

Another thought - AoE healing is suffering heavily from the AoE penalty. When compared to single target healing (ie, Minor Heal), single target is 3-4x bigger.

Here’s what I’ve got:
Zephyr (moderate heal, group) - 6940 heal (4 Life creatures). Means this is a 3470 base heal.
Holy Nova (moderate heal, group) - 3470 heal. This is hitting all enemies for about 100k-125k.
Healing (moderate heal, single target) - 17354 heal

That’s it - Pilgrimage is only boosting spell damage right now, not healing or stat manipulating effects.

There we go.
Is it intended to be boosting other spell types?

Yes. I’ll have it fixed tomorrow.