Zero creatures possible with stable group or breeding the last away

I took an empty stable group with me and had 0 creatures. (why possible?)
When I selected my REALM stable group with six creatures I still had 0 creatures (it had an avatar in it).
I had to summon or take a creature out of the stable to make the game playable again.

I can also breed away my last creature and not be able to access items (stuck)
If I had no cores to summon, creatures in stable, or was broke I would be stuck.

Actually, any stable group I select results in zero creatures.

Actually, it’s just ones with an avatar in them. Avatar + creatures or just an avatar.
Groups without avatars swap fine.

I’m having the same issue with my Nether Creature, when I try to pull out a stable group with my Nether Creature it doesn’t pull him out or the creatures after him.

Same issue here!

So, stable groups with avatars or nethers are swapping correctly.

However, I can still have zero creatures in my party by swapping with an empty group. Or, breeding together creatures in my party (if I only had two creatures in my party)

If I bred away my last creature into an egg, I wouldn’t be able to hatch it with shards since the item menu says (You must summon a creature first!).

And, if I had no other creatures in the stable I couldn’t enter any realms to get energy for the ritual without first hatching that egg.