Zoom mode?

Android 5, Siralim 2.0.18. I might be alone in wanting this, but I love how fast I run in Siralim, after acquiring the speedy gizmo from the Exalted Emblems dealer. If there was an option to buy a speed enabler for the maps, I would be super thrilled. I love hunting for monsters, but feel like I spent most of my time trudging along. While the maps were novel at first, after 50+ hours, I’m ok missing some of the details.

As always, thanks for the amazing game!

I think being able to speed through all the time is a bit much, but perhas a pair of bloody shoes that increases your speed by 50% or something after all enemies are killed on a map (you get faster when you wade through all the enemies blood), that way, its not such a bother checking that one corner you missed earlier. :stuck_out_tongue: